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21 Churches Burned, Hundreds of Believers Flee in Pakistan
Pray for believers in Pakistan’s Punjab Province; a frenzied mob on Wednesday descended upon a Christian colony there, attacking and ransacking as many as 21 different churches, setting them on fire, and vandalizing adjoining buildings.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide reports that the violence was sparked by allegations of blasphemy against two local Christian residents, the violent crowd created panic and fear throughout the area, forcing hundreds of Christian families to flee their homes.

The accused, identified as Rocky Masih and Raja Masih, were charged with insulting Islam and defiling the name of the Prophet Mohammed under the controversial blasphemy laws of the Pakistani Penal Code. According to the Centre for Social Justice, over 2,000 people have been accused since 1987, with at least 88 killed on such allegations.
During this riot, over 500 Christian homes were abandoned as believers sought safety with their families, and residents reported that dozens of homes were either torched or severely damaged during the riots. Thankfully, police have arrested over 128 individuals in connection with the riots

Pray for this community as it tries to recover and rebuild from this terrorizing act. Pray for God’s blessing and especially His provision of resources and safety, and for God to reveal Himself to those lost souls who committed this violence.

Evangelist Beaten for Testimony at Anti-Christian Rally in Bangladesh
During an Islamist gathering denouncing Christianity and encouraging anti-Christian activity, a believer named Juhel stood up and shared his testimony about his faith in Christ. Some in the crowd listened with interest because of his reasonable and gentle approach, while others expressed opposition and anger.

Some in the group invited Juhel to speak again in the mosque, planning to attack him there. When he turned them down, they planned an ambush instead. Eight men attacked him in the street with sticks and machetes but ran away when a crowd of witnesses gathered. Juhel needed several surgeries for the injuries inflicted in the attack. “I am cautious, but I’m not going to flee or hide,” Juhel said. “As followers of Jesus, we need to stand for what we believe.”

Praise the Lord for his courage, and for saving his life. Bangladesh is one of the poorest nations in the world, and less than one-half of one percent are Christians. More than 87 percent of the population are Sunni Muslims. Pray for the spread of the Gospel through the Bangladesh Bible Society and other ministries and missionaries reaching the lost for Christ, and praise the Lord for converts like Juhel, unafraid to speak boldly for our Savior in his community.

PRAISE: Court Rules FDA Must Restore Safeguards on Dangerous Abortion Pill

According to the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, nearly half of all abortions committed within the US every year are done with the abortion drug mifepristone. The Biden administration (and the Obama administration before them) have radically rolled back the safety restrictions on the abortion kill pill, expanding availability to 10 weeks gestation, allowing it to be prescribed without an in-person check-up by a doctor, and allowing it to be sent via the mail. Well, thankfully, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals just issued a very important ruling condemning the improper FDA approval process for the drug and restoring strict limits on the drug meant to protect women’s health. Unfortunately, they did not fully repeal the FDA’s dangerous and illegal approval of the drug - which happened in the year 2000 (more details HERE) - and the drug is still available almost nationwide, but this is a HUGE praise in the fight to end the murder of the innocent. Continue praying over this case, however, as the Biden Administration will almost certainly appeal it to the Supreme Court. That means there is still a chance in this process - however slight - to rule that the drug illegally approved, and ban it entirely, so be in prayer that God’s will would be done through this case. Praise the Lord for the faithfulness of Alliance Defending Freedom - the legal team spearheading this important case - and pray for wisdom and guidance for their lawyers, who are doing incredible work to protect life and religious freedom in our nation. Source ~ ~ ~ Other Stories The World’s Fastest Growing Church - Read more Hard Times in Syria Open Hearts to the Gospel - Read more Christian father of 2 girls tortured, jailed on allegations of sending 'blasphemous' WhatsApp message - Read more ISIS-Affiliated ADF Gains Power in Central Africa - Read more ~ ~ ~

-Taylor Hawkins


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