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Letters from American Christians prompted prisoners’ release

Praise God! Officials in Eritrea, Africa released 13 Christians from prison two weeks ago. The prisoners included seven women and six men who had been detained for 10 years for their faith. The African Christians were released after American Christians wrote letters urging the Eritrean Embassy in Washington, D.C. on behalf of their imprisoned brothers and sisters in Christ. Christian ministry Open Doors estimates at least a thousand Christians are indefinitely detained in the African nation. Two pastors have spent 19 years in prison. Since 2002, the government has ordered the closure of any churches outside the Orthodox, Catholic, and Lutheran denominations. Eritrea is ranked 4th on the Open Doors World Watch List of nations where it is most difficult to be a Christian. The persecution of believers in Eritrea is covered with a veneer of religious diversity, as much of it is perpetrated by or sanctioned by the three State-allowed “Christian” denominations in the nation. Praise the Lord for this release! Please continue to pray for those who remain in captivity in the nation of Eritrea. Source Info on Christianity in Eritrea

A Christian teacher in India arrested on false charges of trafficking, conversion of students The Christian Post reported this week that Police in central India beat a Christian educator on July 26 and filed baseless charges against him of human trafficking and fraudulent conversion of eight Christian students he was escorting to a Bible institute. While brother Liju Kuriakose was helping the students - ages 15-22 - make their way to a Bible Institute in his home state of Kerala, police stopped the bus and took him into custody. They beat him all night, trying to get him to admit to the false charges, and attempting to get the students to agree to false statements saying they had been kidnapped and coerced. The students courageously refused, telling police they had been Christians for some time, and were not being forced in any way. They were sent to a Child Welfare Committee’s home without early notification of their parents, and it was 6 days before the parents were able to get custody of their children again, according to a local pastor. They have released brother Liju on bail, but have filed a First Information Report charging him with human trafficking and luring children to convert by offering them money, he said, adding that the students refused to make any statement against him. That was key in the Police not having enough evidence to keep him in prison. Praise the Lord for the courage of all these believers! Praise the Lord that the students were willing to stand for the name of Christ and love their brother in Christ more than their own safety. Pray for brother Liju, who has his first hearing before a judicial magistrate on August 18th - that the Lord’s will would be done, and he would be freed from these false accusations. Source
US Gen Xers are Abandoning the Church The Wall Street Journal featured research from Christian pollster George Barna last week. Notably, Gen Xers are leaving the church more than other generations. Twenty-eight percent of those aged 39-57 attend church weekly, down from 41% in 2020. Gen X attendance rates are now on par with Millennials. This does display that many of those attending church lacked serious commitment - but regardless of the reason, the forsaking of God’s institution designed to disciple and encourage the body of believers is destructive, regardless of your place in life. Satan has effectively used COVID and chaos in the last few years to discourage church attendance, and our nation will be worse for it. Now more than ever we should recommit to discipleship and evangelism. Pray for our nation Source ~ ~ ~ Other Stories PRAISE: Haiti: American Nurse and Daughter Released from Captivity - Read more Nigeria: 21 Villagers Killed in Mostly Christian Area - Read more PRAISE - India: 2,000 Bibles Distributed to Local Pastors - Read more Charges reinstated on UK Christian for Silent Prayer at Abortion Facility - Read more ~ ~ ~ In Christ, Taylor Hawkins


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